Thank you for your letter/message! It’s always good to hear from you, and may this letter find you in good spirits.

It’s an honor to be one of the people who comes to mind when you consider your options in seeking help and advice — it shows me you respect my judgement in these matters. I’m always willing to lend a helping hand where and when it is needed, and know that you have considered all your options heavily before reaching out.

That said, it would be prudent of me to to be privy to the considerations and thought processes you had in making the decision to come to me for help, as I not only want to play part in the solution of your problem, but would also like to participate in the problem solving process itself.

This prudence stems from my deep sense of stewardship toward hard-earned resources which is compensated to me by the work and time I put in each day. As these resources are allocated toward insurance costs to protect myself and my family, monthly living costs, and investments; the remaining portion, after considering the risks, is allocated by priority to my well-being — for physical and mental fitness to not only continue putting in work and time toward the endeavors of my choosing, but to also pursue happiness in this short life we are given.

The consequential risks inherent to how we manage our time and money are easily dealt with when our priorities are laid out; and it would be best if I had all the information I needed to make a decision based on those priorities.

That is where you can help me help you — by giving me all the information you can about your problem at hand, the options you have come up with and why. From there we can make a well-reasoned decision — whether it be a) the decision to transfer funds, b) to recommend a course of action not previously considered or thought through, or c) my saying that I will not help you (whether I cannot, don’t want to, or feel I don’t need to, based on the information you have given me, is a prerogative of mine that I know you will respect).

To make it easier for the both of us and save both our time, you can organize your thoughts and provide all the information necessary here. I will let you know if there are any follow-up questions and need for clarification.

Thank you again!

– Stephen