My Christmas Wishlist 2018


Dear Santa,

My list is short and simple, but if it doesn’t give you all the information you need, just ask.

Here’s my wishlist:


  • A whiskey club membership – – or whiskey in general. I love bourbon and rye most (I drink these all year round). Second I like Japanese Whisky (but prefer drinking them in the summer — which is true for all whisky/scotch).
  • Books! I love receiving books. I’m open to receiving your top recommendation. As far as books I love to read, here are some of my favorite authors and types of books I like reading:
      • Non-fiction on Evolutionary Psych/Social Science — I currently own the Red Queen by Matt Ridley and have read the Moral Animal by Robert Wright (though I lost my copy)
      • Nassim Taleb — I only own the digital version of Antifragile but would love to own his other books as well
      • Strategy Books — I own The Art of Strategy by Dixit and Nalebuff (one of my fave books)
      • Fiction — Fan of the LOTR series, HP series, A Song of Ice and Fire, Ender and Shadow series
  • Video gamesI have a gaming addiction. I like trying new games on Steam (psn_amilarreis) and also own a switch with these games:
      • Octopath Traveler, Mario and Rabbids, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Odyssey, Rocket League, DKC: Tropical Storm, BOTW, Steam Dig 2
  • Wool Socksreceived wool socks one xmas and I loved them; crew socks for hiking
  • Creative Gift based on what you can glean from what I like

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