[letter] to you for the end of 2017

This is my first letter in a long while (more than a year), so I want to make sure it’s filled with really good stuff.

I’ve been traveling a bit these past few months so now has really been the only time I’ve been able to put aside to write. Since it’s the holiday season, as most of you spend time with family and friends (and can only afford a small break to read) — I’ve decided to keep this message short and sweet.

Consider these my Holiday gifts to you:

  1. A List of my Favorite Apps – These are my top apps I use on my phone, desktop, and extensions on my browser. Most of them are mainly for productivity, but some of them really just make my life a little bit better. I’ll update this list as time goes on.
  2. My three favorite Reddit threads from this past quarter:
    1. What is your best method for dealing with an anxious mind? – crowd-sourced tips/tricks to deal with anxiety, no matter how minor or major. Anything to perform better each day, right?
    2. What’s the worst financial mistake you’ve ever made? – A lot of good insight here. I’ve spent more this year than all I have ever spent in my life combined — bought another house, another car, my Invisalign treatment, and a lot of shit that I honestly don’t need — I’ve learned that it can be really easy to put yourself in the red fast. I didn’t make the mistake of unnecessarily taking out loans, but I’ve made a ton of other financial mistakes in the past, and the trick is to avoid more in the future — so here’s to learning from others’!
    3. What mistakes do people constantly make in life over and over again? – With the new year, it’s a great time to again learn from the mistakes of others to guide us for the rest of our life.
  3. Christmas gifts I got myself — again, just stuff that I expect to make my life a little better. I always get myself gifts as a hedge against gifts from other people. No matter what, the gift-receiving aspect of xmas will always be great, even if those gifts did come from myself. lol

I am confident that at least one of the links above will help you, if not continuously throughout your life, then at the very least most of 2018. As confident as I am about this, I’d still love to hear what you think about them!

Send me an email to just say hi / hello / Happy Holidays greeting — and let me know what’s up! (reply to this email)

I wish you all the best!


Dec 2017

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