Holiday 2017 Self-Gifting

Every holiday season, I like to get myself nice things — to make my life a little bit easier, more fun, and just better overall. Here are my top ones this season:

Four Roses Small Batch

I’ve started to enjoy whiskey. A delicious bourbon may become my new holiday tradition. This sweet drink has kept me warm Christmas eve and day. It went really well with the holiday ham and rum cake.

Fringesport Mini Deadlift Bar Jack

Loading plates for deadlifts is one of my least enjoyable gym experiences. The only time I ever had an easy time doing it was during a deployment in Africa where the gym actually had a full-up bar jack. I wanted one for my home gym but those take up too much floor space, so it was nice to find out that there are mini versions.  Spent a good amount of time trying to decide between the FS one pictured above and the Rogue version. The handle seemed like it would make things easier.

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

Always buy yourself books. It’s the best gift to give to someone, especially yourself. What’s this book about? This video explains it well.

Here’s my Christmas 2017 Wrap up including the list of gifts I’ve given, received, and what I had for Christmas dinner!

Do you buy yourself Christmas gifts? What did you get yourself this year?

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