2017 Q4 Travels

My Google maps history tells me I’ve been to quite a few places in the months of October, November, and December.

I think it’s both fascinating and terrifying that all this data exists somewhere.

New Orleans

Sixth time in my life, twice this year (it’s only a 3-hr drive away, fortunately). Did some fun things with friends and ate some of my favorite foods (food tour of course).


Was here for some training, plus I got to spend time with family. Went to:

  • Austin – food and sights
  • Houston – Joel Osteen’s Megachurch and Halal Food
  • San Antonio – so much food


Traveled to the Philippines for family reasons, but it was a challenging and rewarding time.

Had a layover in Japan too where I got to buy some Christmas gifts.

What does Google say about where you’ve been lately?

Check here and let me know!

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