My Favorite Apps

A list of my favorite apps on web/desktop/mobile that I’ll keep updated often. If you do not use the same operating systems or browser that I do, it’s still likely that there is either a OS compatible version or an alternative.


Evernote – Organize your life! The notes that I needed were always in some notebook that I forgot to bring with me, or in an email that I couldn’t access where I was. This started my journey of consolidating all information I wanted to access immediately into one place.
Google KeepGreat for taking quick notes, and cross-referencing notes that were taken on my smartphone


uBlock Origin and ScriptSafe – block ads and other scripts that bog down browsing; better security
LastPass – easy to use password manager, no more password memorization required
NoteAnywhere – sticky notes on ANY webpage, super useful for obsessive note takers (like me)
Stylish – customize any website with themes/colors; I use it on my frequently used sites like google inbox, keep, evernote, facebook, etc — dark themes look sexy
Session Buddy – ever wish you could save all the tabs you have open for future reference? Well now you can.
Google Dictionary – double click a word, and there’s the definition! Easy way to learn words you’ve never seen before, or just want to be 100% sure you’re right on what they mean.
The Great Suspender – tabs that havent been used in a while get suspended (but not closed) so that your computer doesn’t use up so much memory.
Kill Newsfeed – get rid of Facebook Newsfeed; I use FB mainly for messaging and groups. The newsfeed can fuck up your brain.
Facebook Chat Privacy – know those people who complain that you don’t reply to their messages as soon as you read them? Well now they can never know if you’ve seen them or not.
Reddit Enhancement Suite – Anyone who reddits without this does not yet know the true joys of reddit
Subreddit Omnibox – get to subreddits faster. Just type “r” then the subreddit name


Evernote – the desktop app has some functions the web version lacks
F.LUX – automatically adjusts my screen backlight at night from painful blue light to a warm glow for better sleep; check out the science!
AutoHotKey – automate stuff on your computer (like things you type up frequently)
Mouse Recorder – automate mouse functions — a recent instance I used this was when I mass unfollowed people on social media to clean up my newsfeed

Phone (Android)

Vaporwave Wallpapers – I just think that this aesthetic is sexy; plus some awesome music plays when you’re browsing for new phone wallpapers.

Realizd – it’s hard to realize how often and how long you use your smartphone. If you want to take control of your time, I highly recommend this app — if at the very least just to make you aware of how much you actually use your phone. It helps, I promise.

myFitnessPal – tracking my cals and macros when I need to reach specific goals for my bod

Evernote – Anywhere, anytime!

Twilight – automatically adjusts my screen backlight at night from painful blue light to a warm glow for better sleep
Google Keep – widgets make for easy note taking
Time Until – widgets for countdowns to important events

These apps have helped me a lot. I’m always looking for useful apps/extensions or better alternatives, so please let me know what you use!

Bonus: Computer tips/tricks from r/askreddit

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