Weekend Odyssey

Spent this weekend playing Mario Odyssey with my brother and here is my review.
It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played, despite platformers not being my favorite genre of games (but have always been a fan of the Mario games).  Highly recommend it for old-fans and new gamers alike!

Game Mechanics / Gameplay

  • Take control of various characters, objects, and enemies to solve tasks
  • N64/Sunshine/Galaxy basic actions with Cappy to enhance moves
  • 2D Mario implementation
  • More than one way to solve a task… you can take the easy route, or the creative route
  • Boss battles were fun!


  • Just when I thought the game was coming to an end, there was more… and then when I thought it was coming to an end again, there was more AGAIN!.. and then AGAIN!

Attention to detail

  • Loved the little things you can enjoy the game, from simple animations to the mini game designs. It’s such a wonderful game.
  • Design of each world with the flavor text brochure made them feel like real places

A game you can enjoy with loved ones

  • 2 player mode makes it easy to partner up with a non-gamer (not ideal for two veteran gamers)
  • Very new gamer friendly! There are easy ways to solve tasks, and the game is very good at holding your hand if you really need it
    • There are small wins to be had for everyone, hard to get discouraged in this game
    • There is an assist mode
  • It is somehow able to cater  both people who want to have an easy laid back time and those who want a challenge
What could have been better–
The story was basic… typical Princess is kidnapped by Bowser story line. But even then, it’s less about the main story, and more about the culmination of little adventures you have along the way.
Overall: 10/10

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