[Wk 29] Cardamom Cold Brew

The 29th Week of 2017, clouds, music, and cardamom.

The Memory Clouds Evoke

I flew on sorties to Alabama and Tennessee earlier in the week to teach students low level missions, and while I like to say I go on out & backs for more flights, I’m pretty sure it’s the food that incentivizes me — southern bbq, dollar burgers, etc.

There’s always been lots of weather to dodge during these flights. As we passed near towering titans of clouds, I realized the sight of them took me back to childhood when I’d be lounge in the back of the car during long family drives as I’d stare up at looming grotesque giants battling other ominous white fluffy monsters. I would create stories of them in my head and thought maybe I’d draw them out in a comic one day.

If only one glanced down and told me that decades later I’d be flying among them.

The Memory Mixtapes Recall

Another thing that takes me back in time is music, in particular La Belle Musique Mixtapes anchor these last few years in my mind as I’ve used them for my work outs.

This past week, I’d wake up at 0330 to get a work out in. The La Belle Mixtape | Laputa | EMBRZ mix is what I’ve been using lately.

The routine is fairly consistent — caffeinate, down a concoction of creatine and BCAAs, and do a simple weight lifting work out supplemented with pullups and burpees.

Out of the whole ordeal, caffeinating is my favorite part. I made cold brew coffee (which I drink black with a dash of cinnamon). These last few days though, I’ve been adding a dash of cardamom as well. Ever since I discovered Gulab Jamun from the Indian restaurant I ate at last week, I’ve been craving the taste, so I brought a bit of it to my morning coffee.

I’m sure one day too, decades from now, when I taste cardamom, I’ll be taken back to these days.

Things to Be Excited About This Coming Week

  • Game of thrones S7E2 tonight!
  • Starting another qualification syllabus at work this week
  • It’s my birth week! Depending on the weather and my mood to drive, I might go to New Orleans for some birthday muffalettas and beignets.
  • Tray 22 of my Invisalign treatment. I’m 66% of the way to completion.

– S

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