Nomadic Wizardry

On Gifs and The Benefits of Moving: A Journal entry with Magical Pictures by the Southern Beach Landlord.

 Have You Seen This Wizard?

I LOVE boomerangs. They make moments feel more alive than regular photos, and less clunky than full blown videos (also nicely ported as GIFs). They remind me of the photos in the HP world:

In a way, boomerangs make me feel like I’m not muggling up moments with regular pictures. The way I derogatorily used “muggle” there makes me sound like some bigoted death eater. It’s funny how classism spontaneously appears in the most trivial realms.

I think that from here on out, my blog posts will be filled with boomerang gifs. Does that make me a… giflogger? Depending how you pronounce that makes you a certain class of people as well. lol

Forever Nomad (21)

I moved to the 21st residence of my young life. You’d think that with all that moving experience it would only get easier, right? I was foolish enough to think so, and it only reaffirmed how much I hate packing then unpacking my shit for the 21st time. lol

But in general, I do like moving. There’s something about getting uprooted from a place of comfort, the necessity to adapt, and the thrill of novelty that is extremely invigorating. Change is the only constant that you can’t really become familiar with.

The upsides have always outweighed the downsides, and this place is no different. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Still a beach community, but now with more things to do. There are some pretty cool forts in the area with lots of history, there are always festivals and other events going on down town, Barnes and Noble is only a ten minute drive (vs my previous residence which took 30 mins), and so much more.

2. Finally rented out my Ft Walton Beach house. Thought it would be difficult to find renters, but it was a simple matter of posting nice pics and a good price. Of course, there were lots of applicants with less than stellar records, but it all worked out in the end. I hope land lordship turns out to be a good experience.

3. Hub For Travel

Within a six hour driving radius, there is

  • Northern and Central Florida (Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, etc)
  • All of Georgia (incl Atlanta)
  • All of Alabama
  • All of Louisiana (NOLA!)
  • All of Mississippi

Plus flights out of the regional airport (KPNS) are better priced than KVPS.

Overall, the move has been pretty awesome. These guys seem to think so:

20 sequels and a movie!

I’m considering writing a weekly letter summarizing some awesome finds (articles, music, vids, etc), but if you’re interested in checking them out real time, I usually post them on 

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