[BFS-001] Blog for Stephen

What [BFS] is for — thoughts on visiting ft Barrancas, staining my invisaligns, and other stuff

An Intro to [BFS]

Since I started blogging in 2003, there’s always been a constant internal battle between the side of me that wanted to write something meaningful for an audience — where I could share practical and interesting things in a thought out and well-edited way– and the side of me that just wanted to write an explosion of thoughts for my own sake, with no one else really in mind, yet put on a public platform just in case some passerby would derive some small burst of entertainment or utility out of it.

As the years went on, I’ve decided to give in to one side vs the other many times and completely brought down any blog to start from scratch with the purpose of appeasing the winning side. Back and forth this would go and what would come from was a sort of surface paralysis where nothing would get posted, or anything that was previously posted would be brought down.

It’s been really bad for productivity, as I’ve learned in some cases, quantity trumps quality, especially when trying to build a habit.

Part of the secret to living a happy and awesome life is in fact building kick ass habits, and the factor I’ve been neglecting with building a (public) writing habit is consistency.

My solution to my problem is, simply enough, to cater to both sides of me that want to write for someone. Whenever I want to blog for myself, I’ll make these “[BFS]” posts (Blogging for Stephen — so simple it’s almost stupid).


These random thoughts may spawn more [BFS] in the future. Maybe not. Kind of like a nebula.

  1. Been playing some video games lately:
    I really want to get my hands on the new Zelda game, but I know for sure it’ll be a huge time sink. Skyward Sword sure was, I stayed up late at night and woke up extra early just to play. Creating more time to do something is definitely feasible, but sacrificing sleep for it? Worth it!
  2. Went to Fort Barrancas today. It felt a lot like a Zelda dungeon that I thought I was going to find treasure chests in a few of the rooms. Hashtag adventure time.
  3. I’m on tray 4 of 34 of my invisalign ortho treatment. I have a talent for staining them brown with coffee, as I lack of talent for drinking coffee quickly. So after much deliberation in weighing the risk/reward between having brown teeth and giving up on the convenience of slow coffee sipping, brown teeth seemed worth it. The journey leading up to the decision to get invisalign treatment to begin with is one that I’d love to share… so maybe in the next [BFS], and the actual ongoing experience of the treatment I’ll share in others.
  4. Other stuff I share will be on facebook.com/stephenlabitblog/. I named the page “Challaxeur” for a little while, but a friend pointed out what a bad branding strategy that was. K.I.S.S., right? Perhaps a weekly summary of posts and stuff is something I’ll also publish in my newsletter.
  5. LOFI hip hop radio keeps me productive… it puts me in this mindset of clarity. I say that and yet somehow I find other ways to distract myself from being productive. I have a lot of studying to do (since I’m learning a new aircraft and mission yet again). The radio channel I’m on has a live public chat, and one guy is writing a paper for school on “Russia’s utility of the concept of Eurasia”. He’s pretty patient with all the questions I’m asking, and I have no idea why I’m so curious about his paper.

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