Project Agila – Part 1

Hi friend!

A few weeks ago, I asked for some help from friends in the Philippines with a personal project which involves some rudimentary data gathering with this anonymous form. I got some interesting data, some of which I’ll share below.

My first (very short term) goal is to get some estimates on how much living expenses are in various places in the Philippines, and get a general idea of what kind of lifestyles to expect in those areas (based on friend inputs). This is Phase 1-Part 1.

Once that’s done, Phase 1-Part 2 will most likely be more in depth research with the areas that

  • suit the lifestyle I’d like to have in the next 5-10 years
  • fit well within my desired expense range (based on estimates)
  • meet all the conditions of a lot of other personal considerations

While P1-P1 was really my intent for now, a lot of people offered extra information that’s helping with P1-P2 as well:

The inputs from various people ranged from super helpful to my cause in the short term, to charting my destiny through one way or another. 😂

While the initial responses I got were great, the data is not quite as robust as I’d like it to be. More data is needed!

Before I start going into P1-P2, I will probably spend a little more time in P1-P1… this is where you come in.

  • 70% of responses were from Manila (all over), and the data within just there varied quite a bit. The monthly expenses ranged from 41.7K PHP (~ 850 USD) to 65K PHP (~ 1300 USD)
  • 30% of responses were from various provinces outside Manila and the range there is 16K-25K PHP (~300 – 500 USD) a month

Friends who are single earners vs dual income

Age ranges of friends who have gave me answers

How those friends are classed by their earnings

Where those friends are from based on how others in the area earn

Some of the more interesting stuff

  • Most responses spend as little as 20% of what average groceries in the US costs. Talk about a huge incentive! Plus that’s all toward making some good Filipino food…
  • One friend eats out way too much.. you know who you are. lol
  • Some people pay just as much for their groceries as their internet service… some pay almost twice more for their electricity! I guess this revised heirarchy of needs is true:

How you can help

  • If you’re from the Philippines, fill out this form. This will increase the data set and give me more accurate averages. It’s anonymous, and leaving contact info is optional. It’s also super short! So please help out!
  • If you know others in the Philippines, please have them fill out the form.


– Stephen

One thought on “Project Agila – Part 1

  1. Like I already said…….life in the Pinas, probinsya or city, is not the same as when you’re growing up.
    The electric bill in the province with only my room as air conditioned, cost me P10k per mo..


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