Help me help you

“No man is an island”, as John Donne once wrote back in the 17th century, is still as true as it once was back then.I cannot deny that some of the trials and hardships we face are impossible without the help of others, which is why I am always available to help like those who were always there for me when I was the one in need.

It has, however, also become very common for people to ask for help when they have not considered all their options, considered writing off losses vs exposing someone else to unnecessary risk, or simply do not allow the potential grantor of help the option of saying “no” (the worst kind of help-seekers, imo).

Since it can be difficult to figure out the degree of help necessary to give when asked, I’ve decided to write the following “blanket” letter to those who ask. There is even a Tagalog version of the letter.

But I take back what I said earlier, the worst kind of help-seekers are those who like to ask but won’t even make the effort to read the letter I wrote to them and provide the information I need to help them. Anyone who asks me for help will get the same thing, no exceptions.

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