need to write, need to write, need to write some more

This reading pairs well with (since it was written with):
AudioC mon & Kypski – Ode To Rhodes
Beverage: A coffee sweetened w/ stevia extract & marshmallow cocoa creamer

For years I’ve been trying to form the habit of writing consistently (and well). My main motivation for doing so has been in my tendency to forget, my wanting to remember experiences, and the ease in sharing them when they’re recorded somewhere. From written journals to, one way or another, life gets in the way and ends my streak. In this context, life is a bitch; a bitchin’ c-c-c-combo breaker.

“There’s so many things to write about and if I don’t start writing now, I’ll never catch up. The lie I keep telling myself is that one day, I will catch up. Here we are now, an attempt to make a lie a truth. An attempt at impossibility…where like all attempts at infinity will always be finite.  At least there’s that absolute. That will always remain true.”  — a frustration from my journal

Here’s another attempt. I think I’ll put little snapshots and bullets of my experience here. Maybe they’ll add up. Or maybe they’ll never capture the behemoth of a story that life never ceases to write as long as a waking-conscious is there to read (willingly or not).

Here are the first few:

  • An essay I read this afternoon called “Bookish Fools”. The author argues that the act of reading, and even book-collecting, is a performance used a status-symbol with motivations toward promoting a self-image.
    • I think any act that promotes reading, despite motivations, is good. If people collect books with a potential byproduct of actually reading them, and if people read with a potential byproduct of learning, then all is right with the world.
    • Fun fact: There’s a word for people who never read the books they hoard in Japan — tsundoku.
    • They will breathe with gills that make the sound of fluttering pages.
  • I binge watched seasons 1&2 of Rick and Morty this past week. There were two videos that I watched (vid1, vid2 ) prior about the philosophy of the show that interested me to try it out. What a damn good idea that was.
    • Absurdism is a good “answer” to existential dread or nihilistic thought. Also: Here’s another way to justify hedonism. lol
  • Do you like art? Do you like taking those personality tests/quizzes that give you Barnum statements about you? Then you’ll love this.
    • This is what it had to say about me: diagnosis

Three for now is a good dose. Any more and maybe one of us won’t make this a habit.

Love you!


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