I feel like I’ve woken up.  There was a brief moment of disorientation followed by a sense of much needed refreshment. It must be the good music and the end of a weekend that got my mind on issues that matter.

Or maybe it was different factors that got me to think (again) about life, purpose, and my current vector.  What were they?  Maybe that TED talk I watched of Tim Urban (of WaitButWhy).  Or the philosophical puzzle game I play lately — The Talos Principle.    Or it was a five-week trip to leadership school in another state. There is more I could go through, but ultimately, they culminated into a decision to write again after a hiatus from this blog.

End states, end games, and milestones have been on my mind.  I’ll write about each separately in future pieces, but for now, I just want to orient myself with my blog and make sure this project is more worthwhile.

Life has been filled with excitement these last few months.  It’s always been my intent to take more pictures of precious moments and journal about eventful days, but it’s easy to get caught up in all that happens that no time is made to do so.  I do myself a disservice every time I decide not to journal.

There is so much to be gained.  It’s a great way to introspect and really uncover important details and lessons to take into future experiences.  I try to debrief my days, my weeks, and each quarter of the year; but it doesn’t happen often.

It also helps with memory.  I tend to forget a lot of things, and what happens is I re-read books,   re-watch shows/movies, and re-live certain things simply because I forgot what I got out of them the first time around (though I vaguely recall positive aspects of them).

Met some really cool people up in Alabama.

Those two reasons alone should be enough. Notes and journal entries, however, can also help others learn (if they’re shared).  The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, had a personal journal that he kept.  I’m sure he benefited from the introspective nature of the undertaking, but what’s really cool is that his personal thoughts were eventually published (though that was not his intention), and future generations worldwide benefited from the philosophies it had.   If what I write here on my blog helps not only me, but at least one other person, I think this would all be worthwhile.

I wrote an article about why I fucking love science as a way to organize my thoughts and beliefs in a way that is useful to me, so that I can build upon it or revise it as needed.  It seems like the article was well-received and even got a personal message of thanks for writing it.

There are some things I don’t want my blog to turn into though:

  1. A place where introspection incurs a huge cost to my privacy. Of the things I wish to protect, my privacy is a big one. I’m willing to pay a little of it if it benefits readers, otherwise, you won’t find too much about my personal life here.
  2. A place where I can brag to no benefit to you.  Sure I may brag but only if it has some value to you in some way.  That is why you will always find links, references, recommendations, reviews, and footnotes throughout each post.  I’ll also make effort to appropriately respond to every question I get here.
  3. A place that takes too much of my time.  We don’t have a lot of it , so I don’t intend to spend it behind a screen on my keyboard. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

What it will be, however, is a place where we can both learn.

Which is why I think it’s important that we both engage.  Even comment sections could become masterpiece works of future generations, right?

That said, what’s been on your mind lately? A book? A movie? A thought that recurs? Let me know in the comments.

 Thanks for your time!
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 If you love the Portal series, I highly recommend this game. The puzzles are fun, there are pop culture references, humor, with an engaging story that gets you thinking through philosophical problems (ex). 
 Recently, I’ve delved into Malcom Gladwell’s books again.  In the last two weeks I’ve finished David and Goliath and The Tipping Point. Right now I’m in the middle of Blinkand I’ll try to make time to write my thoughts on all three. Again, if I don’t make time, it won’t happen; and I’m doomed to want to re-read all of it. 
 Marcus Aurelius’ Mediations can also be found in audio format for those of you who don’t like to read. Though you probably wouldn’t be here right now if reading wasn’t your thing. lol 
  WBW has a neat article called “Your life in Weeks” which depicts life in an interesting perspective 

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