Twelve Months of Amazing

HAPPY New Year!

In this post you’ll guarantee yourself a great year by learning:

  • How to make  at least 4 whole months of your year guaranteed to be AMAZING automatically with no planning!
  • How to dominate the remaining 8 months and milk the opportunity to grow, be valuable, and enjoy not only the process, but also the luxuries that life has to offer.
  • How we’ll come up with a game plan to say we’ll do something and see it done effortlessly by the time next year’s fireworks start to light the sky up again.

When I think about the saying “Money is exchanged, time is spent. Spend it wisely,” I ask myself “how?”

People on reddit say money is best spent on:

  • where you spend the most time.

The first thing I thought of when I read that was a bed. The next thing I thought about was that the best sleep I get is usually when I’m at a 5-star hotel in a roomy king sized bed with cool, soft and comfy high-thread count sheets.

How awesome would it be to bring that experience back home every night, and have it not only when I travel? On average we spend 8 hours asleep, and that’s a third of our day. Cumulatively over a year that’s four whole months!

That’s why I purchased a king-sized bed with high quality sheets. They tend to be costly but it’s wise to invest in where you spend four months of your year. It also doesn’t have to cost so much.

My body is ready for the new year.


I browsed a little through Amazon and was able to find a bed set that was way cheaper than what I paid for my full sized bed with a standard sheet set!

Here’s what I got, and I recommend all of them (all the reviews got at least a 4.5 star rating):

I went a step further and turned my bedroom into my dream hotel room with an Aqua Spa 1140 Trident Giant 3-Setting 7-Zone Luxury Rainfall Showerhead with Direction-Adjustable Jets for a daily hot shower massage (twice on gym days).  I look forward to the end of every day now.

What better way to motivate yourself each day with a reward of 5-star sleep? Imagine the next morning where you’re completely refreshed, ready to take on any challenge the day has to offer.

You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money or buy a king size like I did (I move around a lot when I sleep, so I need all the space I can get). Why not get a super comfortable full-sized mattress? Or just some silky sheets for the bed you already have? Small upgrades matter over the course of 4 months — or in the longer term, a third of your life!

Then there’s the 16 waking hours in the day. Which you can still improve with the same principle above. Where do you spend most of your waking time?

  • At a work desk? Then get a comfortable ergonomic chair, a nice sound system and play your favorite music while you work, etc.
  • On the commute? Treat yourself to the best radio on demand with a satellite radio upgrade OR go ahead and buy that luxury car with the beefed up sound system and look forward to that hour long commute back and forth each day.

Spend your time on things that matter with high energy and focus thanks to this simple principle of exchanging your money for quality time.

Speaking of things that matter (and 5-star hotels), I submitted a short piece titled “#LoyaltyIs a focus on what matters in life” for Shangri-La‘s  Golden Circle 5th Anniversary contest. In it, I talk about three commitments we can make to really focus on what matters in life.

  • A commitment to our personal growth
  • A commitment to serve others
  • A commitment to enjoy life’s pleasures


These are things that I highly recommend you spend your time on as much and as often as you can. It will make this year your greatest ever, I guarantee it.

With all this in mind, it’s a new year, and I always find it full of excitement since it represents an opportunity to do better than ever.
I like to reflect on the year that went by, and really ask myself:

Did I focus on what mattered this year?

I do weird things like write out a list of all my beliefs and values then compare it to the things I’ve been spending my time on. You don’t have to go through the same extremes I do.  If you write down the top three things that matter to you, and compare that to what your journal entries (or facebook/twitter updates) this should be easy and it’s an awesome baseline for the upcoming year.

But how do we ensure that we focus on what matters in the year ahead?


Resolutions! We all have them. If we don’t write them down, then we at least have them in our mind as intentions for the year.

But it’s the same every year: we celebrate, make the resolutions and feel good about the year ahead. Then what? We slowly forget about all those good intentions as the year goes on. As long as there is no harm done, it’s okay, right?
I remember when I’d look back at the end of a year and ask myself, “What the hell were my resolutions again?” My invisible resolutions would serve more as a reminder of things I say I want to do but never follow through. Ugh.
I’m pretty sure one of my resolutions one year was to stay more fit.. I mean that’s always one of my resolutions each year. BUT since I’m not certain, there were no benchmarks or milestones for myself that year. It was an opportunity wasted. I’d be so happy right now if even ONE of my resolutions was fulfilled that year.
Of course we could give up on the entire ordeal and say “fuck it” and not make any resolutions at all. But that’s also an opportunity wasted.


We have an opportunity to say we will do X, and then do it! It’s a powerful experience to take control of your year like that, and ultimately your time.

Let’s do better this year and do this resolution thing right. We have our resolutions, but now what?

We need a game plan.
January will be our month of resolution planning. There is no rush. We have a whole month to get this right so that the rest of our year will feel like smooth effortless sailing. My book, “The 2 minute Technique for More Power and Control“, talks about prioritizing goals. Setting our priorities is always a great way to start anything, so let’s start there. I want to know:
If all your resolutions this year failed EXCEPT ONE, which one would you want it to be?
My answer is “To do 30 consecutive and easily executable full range-of-motion overhand pull ups.” I like to think the number of pull ups I can do consecutively correlates to how well I am doing in general, because if can effectively stay on a consistent regimen in one domain (ie fitness — measured by pullups), it will manifest in other domains in my life.



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2 thoughts on “Twelve Months of Amazing

  1. Good post man, like the investment in a good bed! King sized bed was one of the best things I bought when I moved to Nashville.

    30 real pull-ups is also an awesome goal, not many people can hack that one. Go get it!


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